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7 Methods to Perfect Your Bowling Game

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7 Methods to Perfect Your Bowling Game

1: The right equipment

In order to perfect the performance in any game, one must always use the best equipment possible. The right bowling ball, customized with the right material, holes and finger grip, is without a doubt the most important piece of equipment in any player’s arsenal.

Method 2: Getting enough practice

In order to improve your performance at bowling you should practice at least two or three times a week. The best to practice is by joining a league and play a few games for practice before the main game, this way you can enjoy your game while learned from the more experienced player who also came before the main game to practice.

Method 3: Learning the walk

For the new players the 4 step approach is the best way to start learning, even without a ball practicing the walk is highly recommended because the position of the body with the head up, smooth arm swings and consistent and even steps are important for the perfect ball release.

Method 4: Learning to roll the ball

Most new players throw the ball, instead of rolling it. A thrown ball will make a loud noise and will slide before it will start to roll, reducing the accuracy greatly. The player should always be relaxed and focused before rolling the ball, always keeping an eye on the target as the balled is released and rolls down to knock as many pins as possible.

Method 5: Learning to Learn

It is always wise to focus and concentrate when playing bowling, analyzing the trajectory of the ball, always visualizing it and yourself as you release it, and when you feel that the game went perfect its important to note down the details and refer to those notes for future games.

Method 6: Improvising

In the situation where the player can`t spend enough time at the bowling alley, he can always practice at home by improvising. Of course using a real bowling ball at home is dangerous and alternatives for the ball should always be used. While at home the practice line should always be marked, as well as the place where the feet should be positioned. While training in the house, safety for yourself and your property must always be a priority.

Training outdoors has proven to be more efficient and safer than training inside the house. Swings can be practiced with the well known bucket of water method, a small hole at the bottom of the bucket will easily show the direction if the swings as the weight of the ball is imitated also. This way you can adjust the way you move your body before the release of the ball.

Method 7: Relieve yourself

A bowler can hold a 180 average even if he doesn`t get any strikes by practicing to pick up his spares. Bowling at the 7 or 10 pins across the strike zone from the other side of the lane is a good way of practicing and perfecting your bowling game.
Bowling, the simple game where the target is to bring down the most pins in then tries. Because it is cheap, simple and competitive, bowling has become the favorite pastime of a great number of people in the entire country. While it is fun and easy to learn for the newbies, the experienced enjoy it while displaying their skill. Just like in any other game there are always methods to make your blowing game better.

Despite the fact that sometimes players don’t realize it, proper equipment is a key factor to improving ones bowling game. Usually the equipment provided by the bowling house is either worn out or exceedingly uncomfortable, greatly affecting the player’s game. Because the equipment can be customized to make you feel comfortable, owning personalized equipment will greatly improve the quality of the game. The weight and the holes of the ball can be adjusted so it won`t be too light or too heavy, and with installed rubber grips the ball will never slip away, and for even greater comfort, the ball can be made from a wide range on diversified materials.

While adding more comfort and safety to the player, the bowling gloves can provide good assistance for obtaining a high score. Because bowling balls are heavy, wrist strain and potential injury can occur, the gloves however, provide the player with important wrist support so that unwanted accidents can be avoided. Besides safety and comfort, the gloves have proven themselves to be a valuable bowling accessory by helping the players with their technique while releasing the ball by holding the non-bowling fingers in an upright position.

If the player wants to make his or her bowling game even better then the bowling shoes are a must have piece of equipment. With proper shoes the player can run and enjoy a perfect release of the ball and enjoy that perfect game, while with worn, rented shoes that slide unpredictably a player can sabotage the comfort, the score and most important, without proper shoes one can even risk his health because even the fewest steps while carrying the heavy bowling ball with unsure feet can be dangerous.

Because bowling is such an easy sport for everyone, perfecting you game is more than just important, it is essential to keep up with the competition, to continuously perfect the techniques of the walk to the release spot and releasing the ball. With simple practice and good equipment you can become a master and dominate your games in no time.

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