Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Parenting Matter Anyone?

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Have you realized that each one of us, as a parent has a strikingly different approach to bringing up children? This can become a serious issue when children have to be left in the care of others.

When it comes to such issues in child rearing; a few ounces of junk foods, an extra hour in watching TV is not going to have a lasting effect, although our children may request those things at home. For countless generations we have listened to children’s heartfelt cries of “but my friend’s Dad lets him do it!” even when friend’s Dad has never done anything of that sort. “Kids can distinguish between different rules in different settings. They know that there are different rules for other homes and for their homes,” says an expert.

Sometimes the concerns stem from differences in values. For example, one family might be orthodox or very conservative while the other liberal or the two may simply have beliefs that do not preach quite the same philosophy. These differences are certainly more easily dealt with than say a parent’s concern about their child’s emotional welfare while in the home of a friend whose parents are constantly arguing or are abusive.


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